Bathroom Vanity Designs Guide For Modern Houses

A modern bathroom would not be complete without a vanity. In fact, vanity is regarded as an essential piece of any bathroom space. However, some homeowners missed this unique feature when designing a bathroom. So, if you want to include a vanity inside your modern designed house, below is a quick guide that can apply in various bathroom vanity designs.


Every space of the house requires the right lighting installation. Whether you want a minimal or luxurious bathroom with vanity it’s crucial you take into consideration the type of lighting appropriate for this space. Why? Correct lighting fixture will surely make a huge difference to any space. For example, in most bathroom vanity designs adequate lighting is necessary for grooming purposes. I’m sure you don’t want to come out of the bathroom with traces of make-up due to poor lighting. The recommended lighting fixture is any type of light that will provide a high level of brightness to do your personal grooming needs.


One of the vital parts of most bathroom vanity designs is the mirror. Similar to wall units designs wherein mirrors can be used to highlight products on display the bathroom vanity will also require one or more mirrors. According to the designers at Bills Quality Kitchens Sydney a vanity must at least have a mirror of the same width as the vanity. Alterations on the size of the mirror may vary depending on the bathroom’s ceilings. If unsure on the ideal size of your bathroom vanity mirror’s size, consult an expert designer.


Similar to the kitchen countertops the bathroom vanity designs also have countertops. Choosing the materials will depend on your budget. Among the selections for vanity countertop is concrete, granite, laminate, wood and marble. If you want a luxurious bathroom vanity go, for the natural quartzite material. However, if you have a limited budget the usual concrete or laminate countertop material will do.


A vanity will not function as expected without a sink. Bathroom vanity designs on sinks come in various models such as the pedestal, wall-mounted, drop-ins or vessel. The type of sink ideal for your bathroom vanity will rely on your personal preference, bathroom space availability as well as the type of fixture to go with it.


Lastly, any bathroom vanity will require storage spaces. If unsure on the number of storage areas to include on your customised vanity, ask the guidance of a designer.

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