How To Get Started With Your Laundry Room Design?

Another part of the house that would require careful planning with the layout is the laundry room. Whether you are about to build your dream laundry room or remodel it, here are a few things to consider when starting the laundry room design.

  1. Location

One of the crucial elements to look into before you even start sketching the layout of your laundry room is the location. Ask yourself, “Where is the most convenient and practical spot for a laundry room?” Your chosen location should be accessible to a water source, power outlet as well as ventilation. If you don’t know the best laundry room design for your house consult an expert or you may book for a private consultation at Bills Quality Kitchens Sydney if you reside nearby.

  1. Space

Another important element that should not be overlooked with a laundry room design is the space. Is the chosen location spacious enough to function as a laundry room? Would the washer and dryer fit in nicely without feeling crowded? All these issues need to be discussed with your designer to ensure the final laundry room design matches your available space. If not, then, some adjustments would be required.

  1. The person that will use the laundry room

Among the concerns that you have to identify when drafting the laundry room layout is the person that will use it. For example, if you have elderly loved ones or disabled family member, then, the laundry room design must be accessible to them as well. You might request your hired designer to come up with a design that will provide easy access to both elderly and disabled individuals.

  1. Noise

Washers and dryers can create loud noise while in use. Be sure to include this issue with your designer, so that he or she can find solutions to soundproof the laundry room.

How to plan the laundry room space?

Once you have chosen the perfect spot for your laundry room, the next phase for the laundry room design according to the experts at Bills Quality Kitchens Sydney is the plan. With the guidance of your hired designer, you can now evaluate and allocate where to put the washer, dryer, sink, countertop, laundry baskets and ironing board. Don’t forget to include the storage space for washed and iron clothes as well as the products to be used for washing and ironing.

Who can help you with the laundry room design?

If you want the laundry room design to be done by a professional designer contact Bills Quality Kitchens Sydney and let their team of designers suggest the perfect laundry room for your house. Remember, it’s important to create a functional and safe laundry room for your household.

The designers at Bills Quality Kitchens Sydney specialise in different designs such as laundry room design, wall unit designs, kitchen designs and other areas of the house needing improvement.

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