Kitchen Ideas That You Can Integrate For Your Kitchen Renovation

Although, minimalist look is still a favoured choice for homeowners renovating their kitchens the kitchen trends continue to change as new kitchen ideas are discovered by kitchen designers. For your convenience, we have come up with a list of designs and suggestions that will surely make a huge impact on any kitchen renovation project.

  1. Use of natural stone

The natural stone is becoming a top favourite among clients willing to splurge for their dream kitchens. Why? The aesthetic appeal of natural stone on any kitchen countertop, backsplash or final finishing is a true work of art. Imagine you can come up with an outdoor kitchen design with a waterfall showcasing natural stone workmanship. I’m sure the next time you invite guests for a barbecue party this kitchen design made from the natural stone will be the main talk of conversation.

  1. Black in the kitchen

Yes, you heard it right black in the kitchen is something that any homeowner could integrate for a kitchen renovation project. In fact, any kitchen interior, finishing or appliance with a touch of matte black finish would definitely command attention to any onlooker. Besides, expert kitchen designers at Bills Quality Kitchens Sydney shop uses this dominant colour for modern kitchens.

  1. Two-toned paint application

Can’t decide on paint colours for your kitchen renovation? Among the latest kitchen ideas that conquer modern houses are the use of two-toned paint application to create a dramatic effect. I’m sure you see more of two-toned application on kitchen magazines as well as on kitchen showrooms featuring kitchen cabinets in two-toned finishing. It’s normal now to see an outdoor kitchen with cabinets painted in two-toned colours. So, for picky clients that love to play around with colours they can pair paint colours, either in neutral or contrasting shades.

  1. Innovative storage solutions

More and more homeowners prefer innovative storage solutions, both for indoor and outdoor kitchen design plans. Gone are the days wherein a kitchen’s main function is for cooking meals only. Nowadays, the kitchen area has other purposes such as dining and entertaining guests. With the right storage solution, the kitchen area is transformed into a clean and elegant space where one can eat, dine or drink with friends during weekends. Among the innovative storage solutions are the installation of sleek cabinets to help create a seamless space. Other homeowners opt for storages that can serve other purposes like a working bench with built storages underneath to store kitchen cookware and utensils.

  1. Combination of classic and modern

Last on the kitchen ideas that will never go outdated and guaranteed to stay is the combination of a classic and modern look. Every homeowner has a distinct personality. However, if you prefer a kitchen area that looks elegant and will make each member of the household feel relaxed, then, inquire with the professional kitchen designers at Bills Quality Kitchens Sydney shop on how they can help you incorporate both the classic and modern touch.

Many developments have influenced kitchen designers all across the globe. For latest updates on what’s hot and new kitchen ideas, talk to an expert kitchen designer at Bills Quality Kitchens Sydney shop and book a private appointment now.

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