The Kitchen Renovation Design Mistakes that Homeowners Typically Make When They Do Not Hire Professi

‘Do It Yourself’ (DIY) projects and activities have become quite commonplace these days. Whether you want to install new sheets of glass in your windows or make your kitchen cabinets, manufacturers can provide DIY kits to help you accomplish your objectives. Many Australians use these kits to complete various projects for their homes. It goes without saying that DIY kits abound for kitchen renovations and additions too. As a result, some people make the mistake of assuming that these kits can help them meet their objectives in an easy and cost effective manner. Unfortunately, this will seldom be the case – especially if the individuals have little or no idea of the manner in which they need to use various basic hand tools.


It can be worth highlighting that kitchens can be the most functional spaces in a home. The kitchen typically comes into use several times a day. In addition, the kitchen might often remain cluttered as several people work in it simultaneously. For these reasons, kitchen require immense thought when it comes to planning their layout and style. A well-designed kitchen will undoubtedly look nice and be comfortable to work in. In contrast, an ill-designed kitchen will not only be tougher to work in. It will leave you rueing your decision and squandering your hard-earned money for years to come. For this reason, it makes perfect sense to engage the services of a reputed and certified kitchen designer. A professional kitchen designer can help you avoid some costly mistakes in your kitchen remodel such as:


  • Inadequate Counter Space: A kitchen with insufficient counter space will never provide the functionality you need. But, this remains the commonest oversight that DIY enthusiasts make when revamping their kitchens. Kitchen designers possess the know-how needed for creating additional worktop space even in the smallest of kitchens. Their designing skills enable them to overcome the limitations of space and size.
  • Improperly Placed Kitchen Islands: Not all kitchens need islands. But, if you have the space, these can be quite useful for meeting your storage needs. One aspect that many DIY enthusiasts get wrong concerns the positioning of the island. These individuals simply expend their energies on designing their islands to perfection. But, they forget about placing these islands in the right space. As a result, these kitchen islands end up getting in the way of traffic, thereby becoming impediments.
  • Insufficient Lighting: A dark kitchen will seldom be nice to work in. Yet, many homeowners do not give proper thought to the lighting fixtures and solutions they need in their kitchens. Kitchens must have lights that suit specific needs. Thus, they will need more than the generic spotlights that homeowners typically install overhead. A combination of ambient, task and window lights can illuminate your kitchen perfectly. As a result, they will make your kitchen look superb. Your designer can help you identify just the kind of lighting your kitchen needs.
  • Improper Ventilation: Improper ventilation can make your kitchen smell. And, when odours from the kitchen make their way through to other parts of the house, it could be a turn-off. Designers of ergonomic kitchens have immense experience in ensuring that kitchens have adequate levels of ventilation. Kitchens with proper ventilation will make it easier to get rid of airborne grease particles. This will help in keeping your work surfaces clean. It will also be useful in extending the life of your kitchen appliances.


As mentioned earlier, kitchens comprise a myriad of details and aspects. Each will typically involve considering a number of factors and options. Without an experienced professional to guide you, you could easily end up making the wrong selection. This could end up not only marring the overall look and functionality of the kitchen. It could result in a lot of wasteful expense too.

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