Top Kitchen Ideas For Small Houses

Do you live in a small house, apartment or condo unit with limited kitchen space? If yes, are you struggling to remodel the kitchen? There are many ways to help you maximise the tight space of your kitchen and here are some of the popular kitchen ideas suitable for small houses.

  1. Apply the one-wall layout

This is the easiest way to design and plan the layout of your small kitchen space the one-wall set-up. How does it work? Well, you just have to choose a one wall part of the kitchen and furnish it with kitchen tools and appliances needed for cooking meals.

  1. Place a working table

Meal preparations can be time-consuming. For smaller kitchens with limited space to prepare meals why not place a working table. Of course, you need to factor in the available space to accommodate a working table. It would be best to scout for a narrow working table wherein you can work with ease as you cut, chop or grind ingredients.

  1. Replace bulky cabinets

If you feel crowded with the existing bulk kitchen cabinets at the kitchen replace them with shelving units that don’t occupy too much space. You may also consult kitchen designers for suggestions on how to make use of shelving units.

  1. Implement the G-shaped layout

There are various kitchen layouts to consider for small kitchens. The G-shaped is a perfect solution for tight spaces. Apart from the convenience, you will enjoy this kind of layout, the G-shaped is very flexible because you have the freedom to extend a counter for additional working space.

  1. Install unique lighting fixtures

One of the highly recommended kitchen ideas for living accommodations with small kitchens is the installation of unique lighting fixtures. For example, to divert the attention of a guest install pendant lights. Why? This style of lights will not only brighten the tight space but illuminate more space inside the kitchen.

  1. L-shaped kitchen opens up more space

The L-shaped kitchen is one of the popular suggestions of kitchen designers to clients with small kitchens. Why? This type of layout can open up more space by using two perpendicular walls of the kitchen. With the L-shaped kitchen, you have more space to move around while cooking meals.

  1. Floating table is a space saver

If you have to furnish a small kitchen with a table the floating or foldable style will do because this can be easily installed directly on the kitchen wall and function as your working table or dining area. All you need is find small chairs to pair with the floating table.

  1. Place a rolling island

Who says an island is only suitable for kitchens with bigger floor areas? Well, you are absolutely wrong because even a tight space kitchen can have an island. Many kitchen designers have innovative kitchen ideas for small kitchens like placing a customised rolling island at the center. A rolling island can be moved from one corner to another as the need for space arise.

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