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People inevitably spend a significant amount of time working in their kitchens each day. However, they often remain blissfully unaware of the importance of their kitchens. For instance, many Australians continue to think of their kitchens as the space where they prepare the day’s meals. Alternatively, they view their kitchens as the place to visit for anything they need ranging from a cup of their favourite beverage or some tasty snacks. In their view, the kitchen remains a place where they need to work in for preparing any kind of dish. As a result, not many people pay much time or effort towards making their kitchens truly functional and comfortable to work in. In contrast, when it comes to their bedrooms or living rooms, these individuals will leave no stone unturned towards making these spaces as warm and inviting as possible.


Despite this age-old focus on living spaces in homes, homeowners have gradually begun to realise that their kitchens no longer remain spaces used solely for preparing meals. Increasingly, people with spacious kitchens have taken to consulting professional kitchen designers in an attempt to revamp their kitchens. Thus, contemporary kitchens across the country today feature a host of details and elements that not only enhance their functionality, but also make them easier to work in. For instance, some homeowners now have added seating space in their kitchens. The addition of this space not only enables them to have minor meals and snacks in the kitchen. It also enables them to multitask when they work in the kitchen. To cite an example, with seating space in the kitchen you will be able to monitor your kids as they do their homework, even as you prepare the evening meal.


It goes without saying that kitchen renovations can be tricky. Not only will these projects involve a considerable amount of details and thus, time and effort. They will also require you to have a significant outlay set aside – depending on the objectives that you have in mind. One of the biggest problems that homeowners have with their existing kitchens can involve inefficient designs and layouts. When you have to work in the kitchen for most of the day, then you will want a kitchen that makes things easier for you. Inefficient layouts and designs can lead to frustration. They can also lengthen the time it takes for preparing meals each day.


To overcome issues like these, professional kitchen and interior designers have begun exhorting homeowners to acquire ergonomic kitchens. For the uninitiated, the term ‘ergonomics’ refers to all aspects of the human – environment relationship. Thus, it includes the physical stresses that body motion places on the bones, nerves, muscles, joints etc. It includes the environmental factors that could affect a person’s general comfort, health and well-being as well. Therefore, ergonomic kitchens denote kitchens designed in a specific manner that optimises body movement during the meal preparation and clean-up process. They also denote kitchens that can minimise the stress placed on the human body during the performance of daily activities in the kitchen. In other words, ergonomic kitchens focus on altering the design of the kitchen to suit the human body. Thus, these kitchens aim to minimise movement such as walking, twisting, lifting, stretching etc. while working in the kitchen. By doing so, they aim to make kitchens more suitable to the working styles and habits of the homeowners.

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