What Aspects or Details Could Affect the Cost of Constructing an Outdoor Kitchen?

Increasingly, homeowners have been exploring avenues for utilising their outdoor living spaces optimally. Some homeowners like properties with flowing indoor-outdoor living space. Not surprisingly, many of these individuals plump for outdoor kitchens to make their outdoor spaces more liveable. Not all outdoor kitchens will be identical. Some kitchens might feature just a few basic amenities and details. Others might be slightly more elaborate and feature conveniences like ample seating areas. And, for those with large amounts of space and money, extravagant outdoor kitchens can be a necessity. Such outdoor kitchens will come fitted with all kinds of appliances – including entertainment areas featuring large television sets with surround sound etc.


Builders of quality kitchens in Smithfield and the adjoining areas believe that outdoor kitchens have become quite popular across the country. These kitchens can be as basic, elaborate or unique as the homeowners require. However, this will depend on the taste and the budget of the homeowner. Costs of building outdoor kitchens can vary. But, they can yield strong returns on your investment. So, if you plan on building an outdoor kitchen on your property, you will need to weigh various factors that could affect the overall cost of the project. These will typically include:


  • The food preparation surfaces such as countertops, which will vary in cost based on the material it comprises
  • The storage space i.e. shelves, drawers, cabinets etc.
  • The cabinetry, whose cost could vary based on the colour, material and door panel styles selected, which will also need to be ideal for using outdoors given the local climate
  • The flooring that could include decking, planks, tiles, flagstone etc.
  • The amenities needed that could include the lighting fixtures, seating areas, cooking appliances (such as smokers, pizza ovens, in-built grills, refrigerators etc.) and other consumer electronics such as TVs, speakers etc.
  • The utilities that will be necessary ranging from natural gas to electricity, plumbing connections etc.
  • The heat sources needed such as firepits, patio heaters etc. and,
  • Any roof coverings such as awnings, canopies, pergolas, retractable outdoor blinds etc.


Specialists in kitchen and laundry room designs in Smithfield and other places feel that having some plants and planter boxes near the outdoor kitchen could be useful. Planters with various culinary herbs could give you access to fresh herbs each time you use the outdoor kitchen. Similarly, having durable outdoor furniture could be worthwhile too. However, it can be worth highlighting that any kitchen design or renovation project can be expensive. The more features you decide on incorporating in the kitchen, the greater will be the outlay. Hence, planning remains key when you decide to construct an outdoor kitchen on your property. The points listed above could help you ascertain the elements you need vis-à-vis the budget available.


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