What Does Ergonomic Kitchen Design Comprise?

In recent times, people have come to realise that the kitchen has become the most important space or room in their homes. No longer does the kitchen serve the sole purpose of preparing meals. These days, people use their kitchens for eating meals too. In addition, some people use their kitchens for entertaining their visitors as well. Moreover, the importance of the kitchen has also led to it becoming one of the first places that your visitors and guests see when they enter your home.

Not surprisingly, homeowners have become more aware about the need for having elegant and functional kitchens. Having said that, some people have the misimpression that the bigger the kitchen, the better it will be. But, this theory does not always play out well. Naturally, the more space that you have in your kitchen, the more options you will have at your disposal. But, bigger kitchens will not necessarily be better than their smaller counterparts. Instead, having a well-designed and laid out kitchen can benefit you more than having a larger kitchen.


In recent times, one of the kitchen ideas that has gained currency focuses on having ergonomic kitchens. In terms of home design and interior décor, ergonomics denotes a layout that enhances the efficiency and comfort of a specific space. When it comes to kitchens, you will invariably move back and forth to different work areas while you cook or clean. In such situations, having an ergonomic kitchen could be quite handy. The design of these kitchens will ensure that you need to expend minimal effort while going about your food preparation or clean-up activities. At the same time, the efficient layout and design of the kitchen will make it more comfortable and safer to work in the kitchen.


To create an ergonomic kitchen, you will need to place special emphasis on the layout. The kitchen design should be such that it utilises the kitchen work triangle perfectly in the space available. The work triangle typically refers to the positioning of the stove, the fridge and the sink in the kitchen. Ideally, these three elements should be placed in a triangular position to facilitate free passage and movement. However, you will want these elements to be close to each other, without feeling cramped for space. A well-designed ergonomic kitchen will have a perfectly laid out kitchen triangle. As a result, even two people will be able to work at the same time without getting in each other’s way.


Professionally qualified and experienced kitchen designers will have years of experience in the industry. They will also have worked on a number of projects involving the redesign or renovation of kitchens. Among other things, they will be proficient when it comes to being aware of the latest developments in the field. Hence, they will have the relevant expertise and experience needed for designing ergonomic kitchens. Invariably, the kitchens that these professionals design will feature:


  • Wide and spacious work aisles
  • Sinks with sufficient countertop space on either side
  • Refrigerators with clear counter space on the side of the handle
  • Cooktops with ample open counter space on both sides
  • Sufficiently spaced out food preparation areas near the sink
  • A combination of accent, ambient and task lights that make the kitchen brighter and easier to work in
  • Pull-down shelves that eliminate the need for using step-stools to reach items placed at higher levels
  • Counters built at customised heights to suit the occupant and,
  • A range of storage features including pantries and cabinets that help in reducing the clutter in the kitchens


Clearly, renovating or remodelling a kitchen will not be a job for the amateurs. Given the immense functionality that kitchens need to have, it can be best to hire professionals to revamp your kitchen. But, before selecting a builder to renovate your kitchen, consult a certified designer first. This will be the first step towards acquiring a new kitchen that scores high on both aesthetic appeal and functionality.

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